Interior Door StickingDoors are some of the most used objects in a household, so no matter how solid they are subjected  to wear and tear. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked, although simple fixes can be done very quickly and this way time and money will be saved in the long run.Here are some of the most common causes of door damage.
  • Door Jamb Damage
The door jamb may be damaged by impact (for example when moving furniture) and even by pets chewing at the door.
  • Trim board damage
Trim boards are the ones that support the door jamb and they are often damaged when the door is slammed frequently.
  • Improper installation
Door frames are sometimes subject to improper installation, which may cause corner damage.
  • Rot
If the frames are made of wood and not sealed and maintained properly, they may be affected by moisture; the jamb, frame wood or trim can all start rotting and degrading.
  • Issues with door hardware
Hinges may not be aligned properly, screws can get loose and your door will start hanging unevenly, which means that it will not enter normally in the frame anymore. When you start forcing it, you start damaging it.
  • Foundation damage
When foundation damage is to blame, you will likely notice that more doors and windows in your home stick and it is hard to open and shut them properly.  Have them adjusted or replaced by a door expert in your area, see