If you own a construction company, one of the challenges is recruiting qualified people. Statistics show that construction is a domain that is doing good, and employment rates will keep growing, in the future. In the same time, the number of workers in the primary age group (25-50 years old) declines, so it may be more and more challenging to find people to hire in different construction-related positions.  There is a high demand to expand skilled window replacement Denver technicians currently which requires some of the older generation to educate the younger generations.

Finding good workers mostly depends on a company’s ability to recruit.

But what is the ability to find and attract good workers? First, there are pre-recruiting musts: identifying what your company is looking for, the skills and the level of education that certain positions require etc, ensuring that the job descriptions are accurate and based on knowledge, skills, behaviors and expectations and, not least, working on the good image and reputation of your company.

Determining the right fit

The next steps include publishing job announcements, by using the media and the internet, receiving and analyzing resumes and organizing interviews with the candidates, during which you must determine whether the candidates match up with your values and purposes. Besides the interviews, some employers choose to use ability tests, behavioral assessments, as well as internships programs.

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