Sliding Doors Coverings Blinds

If you have a sliding glass door and need an alternative solution to vertical blinds to cover it, because you feel like their utilitarian style is not exactly a good match for you, you will be happy to know that there are several solutions, perfectly functional and with a versatile look, able to match different styles.

  1. Sliding Panels

These are also named panel track blinds and represent the best covering options for sliding glass doors. They are easy to operate, being designed to slide in order to cover/ uncover your door.

  1. Vertical Cellular Shades

These products do more than covering sliding doors; they also contribute to temperature control, considering their design (honeycomb-shaped fabric), which creates air pockets that provide insulation. With vertical cellular shades, you can keep the room cooler when the weather is hot and warmer in the cold season.

Opting for such a solution to cover your glass door also ensures a clear unobstructed view, because the pleated fabric collapses at the side of the window.

  1. Curtains

If you are rather into the classic style, you can always choose custom curtains and draperies to cover your sliding glass door for as long as you prefer it not be on display. You can opt for various prints, patterns, colors and textures, matching perfectly your existing décor.  You can always look to install new sliding glass doors with built in blinds from DMD Window & Door of Denver.


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