Beautiful French Door Scenery

A French door is a type of door used mainly for patio entries that consists of large glass panes that extend the full width and the full length of the door. Originally, French doors used grids to create the attractive and instantly recognizable style, but the modern French doors made today don’t necessarily feature grids.

French doors come in many different frame styles and the hardware necessary for operating the doors is also available in a varied range of styles. If you like the class and the elegance offered by French doors, but you still don’t know whether a French door is right for your home, here are a few more features to convince you:

  • Energy efficiency – modern French doors use double-glazing that maximizes thermal performance and is therefore suitable for any climate;
  • Added perspective – French doors blur the visual division between your indoor space and the exterior, making your entire home feel much airier and much more spacious;
  • Security – modern French doors come with lot of security features that make them almost impossible to break;
  • Resistance to the elements – the panes and the frames used in French doors are made from materials that resist the harmful action of water and are fire-resistant as well.

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