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The process of installing a door is quite complicated for someone who has no experience at all in this regard, as it involves planning and purchases that must be done according to precise measurements, to achieve the desired results.

A replacement windows Denver specialist knows how to pay attention to every detail of such work. They will take down the old door frame and make the necessary measurements correctly, in order to help you identify a suitable new door. They will also ensure that the material from which the wall is built supports the weight of the new door, but also the process of disassembling and assembling a new frame. The specialist you hire will help you make a list of the purchases you have to make, ensuring that you invest in high quality products. They will also give you all the instructions to choose the right door dimensions, the opening direction, the design, the fastening system, but also the necessary accessories.

The frame must initially be fixed in place with the help of wooden wedges or special mechanical anchors. Perpendicularity, verticality and parallelism must be constantly checked, both in relation to the floor and the walls. The frame will be fixed in place with the help of a drill and some screws, and the space left between the frame and the wall will be filled, usually with polyurethane foam. After drying, the excess foam must be cut, and the joint between the frame and the masonry will be masked.

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