Window Replacement Insurance Damage Claim

Your homeowners insurance will not always cover what you think it will such as replacement window Denver homes often need, because there are special clauses that do not obligate the insurer to pay for fixes whenever you need them. As such, knowing when to file a repair claim will save you from frustration and expensive premiums.

So, you should file a repair claim in the situations below:

  • Your property was damaged by a disaster
  • The repair cost is higher than your deductible
  • You experience either a total loss or a significant damage
  • You do not have a recent claim history, otherwise you risk to be charged more for your premium.

Take into account the fact that your claim can be denied in these cases:

  • The damage was not caused by a covered peril
  • The damage was either intentional or avoidable (you can expect that the source of damage will be very carefully investigated by professional claim adjusters)
  • The damage was caused by wear and tear or lack of proper maintenance (regular maintenance is in the charge of the owner!)
  • You waited too long to file your claim (there is a statute of limitation that can vary by your state).
  • At the time of the claim, your policy is inactive or was cancelled.
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