Choose Window Replacement When Window Stuck Open

Windows, even new, properly functioning ones, can get stuck occasionally. The fault can be caused by many things, from the one-time or permanent fault of a component of the hardware in the window frame or a fault of the frame to a problem that affects the structure of the building. Here are some ways to address the problem:

  • Examine the window to identify the source of the problem – inspect the window inside and outside to determine whether it is meant to be opened in the first place (not all windows are, some serve only decorative purposes or are installed only to let in light) and to see whether the window is stuck because someone has painted it or applied nails to keep the window permanently closed or maybe because there is dirt on it;
  • Remove any debris that might have caused the issue – dried paint and dust stuck between the window and the frame can cause the window hardware to get stuck, so try to remove such dirt using some sort of thin and pointed object, such as a screw driver;
  • Pry the window open – use a putty knife to loosen the frame and, if necessary, use a bar or a hammer to free the stuck frame.  Rather than cracking the window, you may want to have a Denver window replacement and repair technician out to fix it;
  • If the window is stuck because the building has settled, you will need to address that issue as well, by inspecting the foundation of the building and making the necessary repairs on the building structure.
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