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A spacious and light patio is the dream of most homeowners. This location is often perceived as a something sophisticated and chic and is used for gatherings with family and friends, for eating or simply for enjoying some relaxation or having fun.

Experts in interior design agree that solid doors are not exactly suitable for wide openings. Therefore, it is much better to opt for a glass patio door.

High-quality Denver replacement windows and sliding doors have a long service life, an elegant look and offer reliability and ease of use.

Types of sliding doors

Doors in the “sliding” category can be divided into a few groups, depending on their aspect and operation.

  • Lifting and sliding. As their name suggests, closing or opening these doors require you to lift them slightly and move them to the side.
  • Inclined slip. The principle of operation is similar as in the case above, but the sash should not be raised, but moved inside the structure.
  • Folding sliding doors. These doors are also known as “accordion” doors, because they make you think of this musical instrument, due to their shape. This type of patio door can help you save valuable space, being ideal for wide openings.


Polycarbonate doors

You can also opt for replacing glass with polycarbonate. This is a practical material that belongs to the group of thermoplastics. It comes in any color and, but despite its reliability, from an aesthetic point of view it will never be as beautiful and authentic as glass. However, it is a more affordable solution, which is great for people who want a patio door but are on a tight budget.

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