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Vinyl windows

The widespread use of plastics has allowed the emergence of PVC profiles with multiple compartments throughout their structure, multitude as an alternative element for wooden or aluminum windows. Due to the high elasticity of vinyl, it is necessary to use metal reinforcements that stiffen the assembly and ensures resistance over time. In order to improve the thermal insulation coefficient, profiles are manufactured with multiple compartments and some manufacturers also introduce thermal insulation foam.

Vinyl profiles can have various shapes in section and can be finished either during the production process, by mass coloring, or after production, by painting or applying colored and/ or textured foils.

Composite windows

These windows are modern products, with frames manufactured from two or more types of materials. Wood and aluminum, wood and steel, aluminum and PVC – the combinations are diverse, depending on the manufacturers and the technical properties that are desired for this type of products. In general, such variants are chosen in order to get better protection from various external factors, as well as better thermal insulation coefficients. However, composite windows can also help you get special aesthetic characteristics, considering that they are more customizable than vinyl windows and great for a Denver window replacement project, since they are made of a mix of different materials.



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