window clad replacement window

Wood clad windows have the interior frames made out of wood, whereas the exterior is cladded with more resistant, more durable materials. The whole idea is to make the windows look good on the inside, while protecting you on the outside.

Thus, the exterior is low maintenance. However, the interior still needs protection from warping, scraping, and it needs to be re-painted from time to time, in order to preserve the beautiful, classy appearance.

There are several types of clad windows available for homeowners interested in window replacement Denver area. The most common material is aluminum, which is very strong and resistant. Nonetheless, since it transfers heat quite easily, it is less energy-efficient.

Vinyl is the most popular option available on the market. It is affordable, resistant, easy to maintain and helps you save energy on your bills. It is important to use the right type of vinyl, namely high-quality, which is more durable.

Fiber-glass clad windows are the latest innovation on the market. With fiber-glass, windows remain tightly sealed, making water infiltrations or other unpleasant phenomena, such as expansions or contractions, occur less commonly.

Regardless of your choice, wood-clad windows make the perfect solution for creating a special look for your home, while also keeping it safe from outside conditions.

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