Warranty Lifetime Or Limited Window Replacment

You may be surprised, but a limited warranty is actually better than a lifetime warranty. Warranties for window replacement Denver area will have the warranties passed down from the manufacturer.  Getting lifetime warranty for a product or service sounds great and it may be difficult to understand how come a limited warranty could compare with this…

Well, basically, a lifetime warranty is not what it seems, and you will realize this as soon as you dig into its details and see that there are limits in what is actually covered, and the information is often unclear.

When you are promised a lifetime warranty, you should be careful instead of excited and watch out for these particular details:

The warranty is pro-rated

In this case, the coverage you can get if you make a claim will decline over time. In other words, technically, you will get coverage, but not the amount you expect, so you will likely end up paying for most of the repairs and replacement.

The warranty has many exclusions and vague clauses

A good warranty should be completely clear and do not allow manufacturers or service providers to play games with coverage.

The warranty lacks clarity

This lack of clarity starts right with the term “lifetime”, because its exact definition is left fuzzy or undefined.


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