New Windows Window Replacement

When you replace your windows, you can also take into consideration changing their style. Different styles serve different purposes, so you may want to make some improvements by considering the needs of natural light and ventilation, as well as the general architecture and interior design of your home. You can choose from different types of Denver window replacement products.

  • The classic window is the one with the lateral opening (with hinges on the left or right). It is easy to maintain, can be easily cleaned, ensures optimal ventilation of the room, as well as visibility and light.
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top. They ensure maximum ventilation and do not allow rain water or water from the roof to get indoors. It is operated with a hand-crank.
  • Pivoting windows have a folding system based on a horizontal or vertical axis positioned or near the center of the sash.
  • Sliding windows are equipped with slots that allow half of the window to open by sliding it, until it reaches the other end.

Besides these, there are other types of windows, regular or premium, such as bow windows (they have an ornamental role and the ability to increase the usable area of ​​a room, providing more light) or skylights (designed to light attics).



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