window door replacement trends new this yearWhen creating the interior design of a home, the door plays an essential role. A door can actually create the general feel and personality of a building. At the same time, it needs to perfectly fit the entire assembly, to harmonize with all the other elements inside a home.

Apart from their functionality and purpose, of opening and separating rooms inside a home, doors also highlight the interior elements.

High doors are very much in trend, with a length that exceeds 2 meters. In this respect, high doors with transom can add more light to a room and act like an extra window inside your home. At the same time, the glass can be transparent, colored or frosted.

Wide doors are also a popular trend this year. Wide doors can either have an unexpectedly wide door leaf, or it can have double wings. This type of doors is the perfect choice for classical or neo-classical interiors.

For small spaces inside your home, sliding doors can be a great idea. They can help you save space and are very interesting in terms of visual appeal.

Glass doors are also very fashionable this year, and so are the stained glass doors. Stained glass doors can add more charm and vitality to the whole space.  For all your window replacement Denver area homes and door installations visit DMD Window & Door for quality product and installations.


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