Money Saving TipsWindow replacement is a costly process – depending on the size and on the number of the windows to be replaced, the project might cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the costs – here are some:

  • Go for builder-grade materials – windows labelled as being architectural grade are more complex and more efficient, but much more expensive than builder-grade materials. Builder-grade windows satisfy minimum requirements, but they lack any extra features, so if you can afford a little compromise, you can save a lot going for builder-grade windows;
  • Avoid extras – extra features, such as laminate glass panes on the exterior, trim and hardware that comes directly from the manufacturer and is also installed by the manufacturer’s team, come for a price, so you should assess your priorities and determine the features that you need and don’t need;
  • Consider cheaper frame materials – solid wood frames are the most expensive, but there are lots of other solutions that are cheaper and also more resistant, more durable and need less maintenance. Fiberglass, vinyl and aluminium-clad wood are all great, affordable materials that come in a wide variety of styles;
  • Shop around – get at least three cost estimates for the replacement and find at least three suppliers who sell the type of windows, be sure to include DMD Window & Door, that you want to allow you to compare available options and make the best choice.
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