Old Window Frame Uses

If you have decided to replace your old windows and you are wondering whether you should throw out the old frames and panes removed from your walls, you must know that old windows make excellent decorative items – here are a few tips about how to use them to embellish your home:

  • Wall art – clean the old window thoroughly, paying attention to the frame as well as to the pane, then paint the frame to a color that matches the overall style of your room and apply a peel and stick image on the glass;
  • Photo frame – you can create a collage on a board and install it into a large window frame that you hang on the wall or, if you have an old window that consists of multiple smaller sections, you can add a photo to each section;
  • Create rustic furniture – beautiful, old window frames with the glass still in make excellent cabinet doors. Clean the frame and the panes, apply some paint on the frame, then attach the re-purposed window to a cabinet with some hinges – you can use the cabinet to showcase decorative items or to store your most cherished books. Old window frames make excellent tops for coffee tables as well – the procedure is the same, the only difference is that you will be installing the frame on a table base, so talk to a replacement windows Denver supplier to purchase reclaimed window frames.
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