Inspect Windows For Damage After Storm

Storms usually come with high winds and excessive rain or snow, all of which, plus the debris carried by the winds, can cause damage to any part of your home. While your walls and your doors are strong and can resist more, windows need to be thoroughly inspected after each storm and the faults detected on them need to be remedied as quickly as possible. Here is what to look for during your post-storm inspections:

  • Damaged glass – the panes used in multi-glazing modern windows are stronger than the glass used in old-type, single-glazing windows, but modern glass can also get damaged by impact. Check your windows for chipped parts and cracks after each storm and replace broken glass where necessary;
  • Damage in the frame – after the storm, make sure to inspect every inch of your window frames as well. Look for dents if you have aluminum-clad frames or for cracks in window frames made from wood and vinyl. If your frames are painted, check the paint for damage, then remove the old, damaged paint, correct the surface with caulk or other suitable material, then repaint the surface.

If you have never inspected your windows for storm damage, call DMD Window & Door of Denver to do it right away – the longer the window damage goes unnoticed, the faster it spreads, but in most cases, repair is possible.

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