Tips on Cleaning Windows

Double pane windows raise no special difficulty when it comes to cleaning if the stains or the dirty patches are on the innermost or on the outermost surface – here are a few tips:

  • Pick the right time – choose a dry, bright day for the cleaning and a time of the day when the sun does not shine directly on the windows – harsh, direct light might prevent you from seeing all the stains and it might dry the substance used for the cleaning too quickly, leaving streaks behind;
  • Use the right tools – any regular window cleaner spray will work, but try to use cloth or paper towel that does not leave traces behind;
  • Clean small areas at a time – do not spray the entire surface, hoping to be able to move sufficiently fast while wiping. Spraying smaller areas will allow you to do more thorough work.

Stains that are between the panes are a clear sign that the integrity of the window has been compromised. If you see stains inside the window, do not attempt to dismantle it – call a window professional at, he can tell you whether the window can be repaired or if you need to replace it.

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