Choose Your Color

The front door is among the first things that your visitors notice about your home, so the color that you choose for it will say a lot about you and your home – here are a few tips about how to choose the best color for it:

  • Match the color of the door to the colors on your existing home exterior – make sure your new door color harmonizes not only with the color of the walls, but the color of the accents, such as the window frames or the stuccos. You don’t need to use the same color on the accents and on the door, but make sure they match;
  • Choose a color that reflects your personal style – if you like bright colors, choose a hue that works with the rest of the home and suits your personality as well;
  • Gloss – you can use satin paint or glossy colors if the overall design of the façade permits such bold choices;
  • Use contrasting colors – create a dramatic appearance by matching dark walls with a light color chosen for the front door or use a bright hue, such as red or aubergine to contrast the neutral color of the walls. Get advice from your local Denver window replacement company, as most of them replace doors too;
  • Don’t forget about the neighborhood – when picking the color for your front door, consider the colors used on the facades in your neighborhood as well.
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