Window Replacement Sturdiest Materials

House windows require maintenance and sometimes even need to be replaced entirely. It could a great opportunity to consider an upgrade to the current materials used and  choose a sturdier and maintenaince-free solution. There are a variety of materials on the market, each of them coming with their pros and cons.


For the sturdiest materials sought on the market, aluminum is very popular for its low maintenance requirement and can withstand for many years. Customization is also a major feature of aluminum and many color options are available to suit people’s preferences. Being metal, exposure to the sun will heat the material, making it one of less energy-efficient of materials out there. A balance between affordability and durability would be vinyl. It is the most used type of material for windows replacements and, while not as sturdy as aluminum, it is better and lasts longer than wood and, similar to aluminum, it is maintenance-free.


A different option would be fiberglass windows which are resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture as well. Like the other, there is no need for maintenance over time and offers is among the most durable among materials. While fiberglass is a good step up from vinyl windows, it is usually more expensive than, making it less affordable for some people.  For window choices, see



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