replacement windows fiberglass frame

Being a synthetic material, fiberglass is not affected by moisture or variable temperatures. This material does not expand and contract when temperatures rise or fall; it does not rot, does not attract insects and cannot be deteriorated by mildew.

Fiberglass offers great insulation. When used as a window frame material, the hollow frame structure is typically filled with spray foam, which offers even more insulation power to the entire window assembly and is recommended for replacement windows Denver homes.

In spite of the fact that fiberglass windows can be a bit costly, they can last for a very long time and are quite easy to install and maintain. At the same time, they can be painted either at the factory where they are produced, or manually, by homeowners or professional contractors.

Fiberglass windows are also one of the most eco-friendly choices available on the market. They take less energy to be produced than other materials such as aluminum, vinyl or wood window frames.

Providing safety and strength, fiberglass replacement windows can last for up to 80 years. The frames do not need to be very thick to provide enough solidity, stability or security.

For those who prefer to give their home a more classical appearance, there is the option of trimming the interior window frames with wood.


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