Top Trends In Window DesignsThe design of the windows available on the market is determined by aspects related to energy-efficiency as well as appearance – here are some of the hottest trends:

  • A widening pallet of colors – the most common colors for window frames used to be white and oak, but today the pallet is becoming wider and it includes other shades, too, such as sand colors, cream, black, dark brown as well as unusual, bright colors, such as red and blue for the boldest building owners;
  • Tinted and light-sensitive glass – the panes are no longer available only in transparent varieties. Tinted glass is also available and increasing in popularity, just like glass that darkens when the sun’s light becomes stronger;
  • Larger windows – harnessing natural light is an increasingly popular way to create healthier living environments as well as for reducing the costs related to lighting. The best way to achieve brighter interiors is to have larger windows that use two or three panes of glass for maintaining the temperature stable inside the building;
  • Glass doors and French window – creating an organic connection between outdoor and indoor spaces is another popular trend as see by the window replacement Denver contractors. The best ways to achieve such fluid space is to use either French windows surrounded by smaller, fixed windows or with sliding glass doors.
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