Double Glass Pane Windows

Windows come in so many different types that picking the best ones for your home can be overwhelming. If you feel that the process of selecting opening types, frame materials and glazing types exhausts you, here are a few factors that you should bear in mind while browsing window types:

  • How the window moves – the most common types are single-hung windows (the ones that move up and down with only the lower stash being mobile) and double-hung windows (both sashes moving), but awning windows (types that don’t swing completely open) can also be a great choice, especially for homes in rainy areas;
  • Frame materials – the most common frame materials are vinyl, composite, aluminium, wood and engineered wood. The first two materials are synthetic, therefore they offer great durability, resistance to the elements, thermal protection and affordability. Aluminium is also affordable, but it works best in moderate climate areas that do not need too much thermal insulation. Wood is the most expensive and most maintenance-intensive choice, but its beauty is unparalleled, while engineered wood combines the best features of wood and vinyl or aluminium, without the forbidding costs of the natural material;
  • Glazing – modern Denver replacement windows have two or three panes of glass installed into a frame one in front of the other and separated by air or inert gas for improved insulation.
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