Types Of Colors And Stains

Many homeowners choose to have Denver window replacement contractors install windows and doors that are pre-colored during the manufacturing process, even though these pre-stained products are more expensive than plain white ones. However, modern paint technology has come up with stains that allow you to change the color of your existing doors and windows, no matter what material they are made from – here are some of the best stain types available:

  • Stains for vinyl – one of the most common misconceptions about vinyl is that it cannot be stained. While liquid stains are not suitable for vinyl, there are many gel stains available that work great on vinyl, giving you exactly the hue and the texture that you are looking for. Make sure you thoroughly clean the surface to be stained with water-based detergent
  • Stains for wood – the color of wood doors and windows is easy to change and the results can be spectacular, especially if you take your time to prepare the wood with the right conditioner prior to staining;
  • Stains for aluminum – aluminum can also be stained. The process is the same as with the other materials: you need to clean the surface, then you need to prime it and then you can use your stain. The best type of paint to use is spray – it is easy to use and the result looks great, too.
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