Replacement Windows For Colorado Winter

Winter in the Centennial State can be harsh on anyone and anything, therefore the best replacement windows are those designed to provide proper protection against weather, unwanted air transfer, but also the necessary ventilation and natural lighting.

If you consider selecting new windows for your home in Colorado, you must bear in mind a few aspects.

  • Temperatures may drop very low in winter and stay cool in spring, so you must check the U-rating of the window frames (the lower the rating, the higher the level of heat retention).
  • The material of the frame can make a difference in your indoor thermal comfort and the money you pay for heating/ cooling your home. Vinyl is a great option for new windows installed on Colorado homes, because this material is durable and temperature-reactive. Besides, vinyl windows are also an affordable solution compared to windows with frames made from other materials.
  • Fiberglass is another great option for Denver replacement windows. Fiberglass is a modern material in the window industry, designed to withstand any type of weather and provide excellent thermal resistance.
  • Do not forget about the glazing and opt for at least double-glazing (single-glazing is now considered a thing of the past).
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