Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be exhausting, especially if your windows have not been properly washed in a while, if you have many large windows in your home or you have windows that are high up and difficult to reach. To be able to clean your windows to make them look as if they were washed by a professional, you need the right tools and the right methods and this is what we would like to help you with – a few tips about how to do it right:

  • Large windows need large tools, so get a strip washer with a long head and a long pole for large panes;
  • Use a special window-cleaning liquid – these cleaners use compounds that break down stubborn dirt easily and they also dry quickly without leaving streaks and stains. For even better results, mix the window cleaner liquid of choice into a bucket of warm water;
  • If you need to clean very dirty windows, apply a generous amount of liquid on the surface – don’t worry about a foam, you can easily wipe it with a good quality squeegee;
  • Pick the right time – don’t wash your windows when they get direct sunshine. The sun’s direct rays will dry the washing liquid too soon, they cause more streaks and with the sun shining into your eyes you will not be able to see the work surface properly.
  • Be extremely safe if you are on a ladder, secure your ladder to keep it from crashing into your windows, or you will have to hire a window replacement Denver area contractor for repairs.


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