Fiberglass Window Replacement Advantage

Fiberglass window framing enjoys ongoing popularity and success due to the great features it offers. Here are some of the most important qualities of this great, modern material:

  • Superior insulation qualities – the thermal conductivity of fiberglass is 800 times less than that of aluminum, meaning that it insulates 800 times better, making the material suitable for application in excessively cold as well as in excessively hot regions;
  • Low thermal expansion – fiberglass does not expand and contract as the temperature changes. The feature makes sure that the frames made from fiberglass do not shift, therefore the structure of the material stay stable among any temperature conditions. A surface that maintains its size will not force the surface treatment to stretch or to become loose, that’s why fiberglass windows are not prone to warping, peeling and they will not develop leaks;
  • Lots of color choices and textures – the material comes in lots of different shades and textures, including some that replicate natural wood;
  • Affordability and durability – fiberglass window frames are among the most affordable solutions available on the market today and are number one for window replacement Denver homeowners choose. If you add the material’s superior durability to the equation (fiberglass products can easily last for over 8 decades without any special maintenance), you will see that the material is, indeed, the best choice.
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