Contractor Repairing A Terrace Door WingIf you are in the process of getting new windows or doors for your home, but you are new to the lingo, here are a few of the most common terms explained:
  • Jambs – the vertical sides that make up the window frame or the frame of a door;
  • Sash – the moveable part of the window that consists of the frame that holds the glass in place;
  • Clad window – a window that has a wooden frame parts of which are covered in vinyl or aluminum for more resistance and durability;
  • Casing – the decorative frame used for concealing the space between the wall and the window frame or the jamb;
  • Weather-stripping – stripes of strong material used for covering the joints of the frame of the window or of the door to prevent water and air leaks;
  • Hinge – a device installed on the stationary part of a door frame that allows the door to turn or to pivot;
  • Low-e glass – special glass that minimizes the transfer of radiant heat through the glass;
  • R-value – a measurement used for expressing the thermal resistance of the material that the window or the door is made from (the higher, the better);
  • U-value – the measurement of the heat flow rate through a material (the lower, the better). It is good to know the terms window replacement Denver contractors use when you have them out to do window installation of any sort.