Windows And Doors Replacement

The doors in your home endure a lot – their hardware components are used a lot, they are exposed to heated and cooled air as well as to changing levels of humidity. Most doors are made to last for around three decades – here are the signs that yours have reached the age when they need to be replaced:

  • Dents and peeling paint – these issues might seem small, but if they are neglected, they can lead to the premature aging and deterioration of your door. If you have wooden doors and the peeling or the physical damage is caused by rot or you have steel doors that start peeling because of rust, the sign indicates that you need to start preparing for the replacement;
  • Problems when opening or closing the door – the changing temperatures that your doors are exposed to cause the door material to contract and expand all the time. The process might cause your doors to twist or to bend and the only way to solve the problem is through replacement;
  • Drafty doors – if you experience draft coming from the door, inspect the door, the frame as well as the wall around it to locate any cracks and holes through which air comes in. If the cracks and holes are in the wall, you can fix the issue with some caulk, but if they are in the door, start planning for the replacement, see
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