Basement Windows Add Value

The only situation when adding a window to your basement is counter-advised is if you use the space to store items that are sensitive to light and temperature changes, such as wine. If your basement is an extension of your home’s living space, windows are more than welcome – here is why:

  • Improved ventilation – even if your basement is properly insulated, the air inside tends to get stale sooner that in other rooms in the house. Adding windows that open or can be tilted solve the problem of ventilation;
  • Natural light – windowless basements tend to be dark places that can be made brighter only with smart lighting solutions. A window can instantly transform the place, making it cozier, friendlier and more energy-efficient as well;
  • An escape route – most basements have only one escape route and that is through the stairs that lead to the higher levels of the house. A suitably sized window can make the basement safer by adding one more escape route that can be used if the access to the other route becomes blocked;
  • Added value – basement windows are known to add more value to the home they are installed on than the initial costs of the windows and the labor costs combined.  In fact, having a window replacement Denver contractor out to install new windows throughout your home adds a ton of value.
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