Sometimes the most obvious heating and cooling solutions are right in front of you. When you replace your older windows & doors with energy efficient ones, you can get so many benefits. The biggest benefit you may get is lower energy bills.

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Trying to Keep Cool This Summer? Take a Look at Your windows & doors

Some homeowners will take drastic measures to keep their homes cool. However, it doesn’t matter how many fans you set up if all that cold air is leaking out through your windows & doors. Older windows & doors may be poorly insulated, and way too thin to keep the cold in. You may have seen families cover the insides of their windows & doors with big plastic sheets to try and stop the leaks. Other families cover their windows & doors with foil to try and reflect the heat. Others keep their blackout curtains shut all day so that their home is always dark and unwelcoming.
New windows & doors can also save you money on your bills. The less you have to run your air conditioning to keep your home comfortable, the less you would have to pay! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “New, energy-efficient windows & doors eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs.” Why continue to let your money leak out of your old windows & doors? Instead, energy efficient windows & doors like vinyl, triple-pane windows & doors can keep your home insulated properly. In fact, replacing single-pane windows & doors with energy efficient windows & doors can save you an average of 2,600 kWh annually. That’s enough energy to watch three straight years of TV.
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