Window Replacement 2020 Trends Designs

The largest window manufacturers invest a lot in research and invention laboratories to create competitive products, because that’s the only way to stay in a leading position in an overcrowded market.

In this article we will talk about some of the trends in 2020 that you may want to consider.

Windows with intelligent protection against burglary

Potential thieves are detected with the help of intelligent motion sensors and warned by visual and acoustic signals that they have no chance to enter the house without going unnoticed. Perfectly integrated into the window frames, smart guard technology actively ensures your preventive safety.

Windows with intelligent ventilation systems

Today, almost all windows are equipped with ventilation systems consisting of 6mm micro openings. But manufacturers have gone further and integrated intelligent ventilation systems in their newest products. These systems are equipped with sensors, which automatically adjust the duration and intensity of ventilation. Moreover, they measure the humidity and oxygen levels in the room to make a perfect adaptation of the ventilation intensity.

Wide windows

In 2020, elegant windows are in trend, with a generous panorama and without compromising on thermal and burglary protection and should be considered as part of a Denver window replacement design and project.


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