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What is more pleasant than sitting on your patio, after a tiring day at work? This space can also be used to have breakfast in the mornings with nice weather, or to have a barbecue with friends, on summer weekends. For access to their patio, many people opt for large doors that may bring thermal discomfort during the winter.

However, this aspect depends on the climate and the type of door you choose; the best solution is to opt for doors that provide good thermal insulation and have a design that matches both the interior decor and the exterior architecture of the house.

Doors without windows cannot be used for a patio, especially if the opening is very wide, due to the fact that they prevent natural lighting from getting into the rooms. As a general rule, patio doors must have glass windows. In this way, you will be able to enjoy both the view and the natural light. You can opt for doors made of laminated wood, aluminum or vinyl, depending on your preferences and available budget. Of course, these windows must not be made of ordinary glass but of double glazing thermopane glass, which will ensure a good thermal and acoustic insulation for the indoor space.

You can also choose from doors with openings to the interior/ exterior, sliding doors or harmonic doors take a look

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