New Window Installation

The most common Denver replacement windows in Colorado are PVC windows. They do not only provide good thermal and sound insulation, but also adequate warranty and safety of use throughout their entire lifespan.

PVC windows offer significant economic benefits, environmental and physical wear resistance, easy maintenance, nice aspect, versatility to match almost any type of building (these windows are available in a wide range of colors) and a very good quality-price ratio.

With regard to the most popular PVC window designs for Colorado, we mention three types:

Sliding windows

The advantage of this type of windows is that it allows larger openings and does not occupy space in the room, considering that it opens by sliding parallel to the frame.

Casement and awning windows

These two types are very similar. They have a cranking mechanism for opening that makes them glide open easily. Casement windows are suitable for openings with greater height than width, while awning windows are for opening where the proportions are reversed.

Tilt and Turn windows

These windows are designed to provide adequate ventilation plus protection against theft and rain. They swing in, just like doors, but also tilt the top, which makes them flexible and very practical.

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