When you replace your windows, you’re generally stuck with whatever opening is already there. However, if your windows feel too small even after you replace them, you can trick the eye with a few interior design tips. For the best window replacements and the widest range of options in Denver, call DMD Builders today.

[Read the “13 Interior Designer Tricks to Make Your Windows Look Bigger” here]

Taken from the article:
“If your home wasn’t blessed with big, welcoming windows, we feel your pain. Sadly, we can’t help you fake sunlight, but we can help you trick your eyes into at least thinking your view into the outside world is greater than it appears. All it takes are a few genius design tricks.

Extend rods beyond the frame

Strategically place curtain rods can help you fudge the width on your window, according to designer Amy Berry. ‘I like my rods to overhang 15 inches off the edge of the window where possible,’ she says. This tricks the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass.

Layer curtains and shades

The same way a curtain rods can help you fudge on width, window shades can help exaggerate height. ‘Hang those shades under the rod for the appearance of taller windows,’ says Berry. Plus, this treatment has a very high-end look to it.”

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