Window Trends DMD Window Shades

Windows treatments have the role of offering you privacy, keeping the cold outside, while letting only the needed amount of light and warmth in. There are several trends in window treatments these days, which you can choose from, in order to create the best atmosphere in your living environment.

If you want to add texture to a space, perhaps the best choice is the Roman shades and shutters. The most popular colors include orange, gold, but also gray, berries, blue, soft greens or lavender. It is not only the colors that may vary, but also the degree of transparency. These shades from DMD Window & Door have a classic design that goes well with contemporary window styles.

Plantation shutters are another great idea, if you want to add more character to your home, while also doing something about the energy consumption part. There are wood and faux wood plantation shutters, and also shutters equipped with moisture resistance, or composite shutters, which are more resistant to moisture damage and warping. Blinds can take vertical or horizontal shapes, and can be motorized, corded or cordless.

Hardware can work magic, being able to harmonize the whole assembly of a room. Adding a more streamlined appearance to the treatments, hardware is another popular choice these days.


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