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A spacious home is something that most people desire, but not all of us can get to have large and tall rooms. However, there are many design tricks that you can use to make the space look larger – here are some that involve the windows:

  • Make sure your windows are always clean – clean, shiny windows and clean window frames create the illusion of larger openings and of a larger space as well;
  • Open the curtains and the blinds – another easy measure that can visually enlarge your space;
  • Get larger windows – replacing small windows with larger ones is an excellent way to make your room look larger. If you choose this method, make sure to get windows from DMD Window & Door that are not divided into smaller squares – large, undivided panes are better for creating the desired visual effect;
  • Get bay windows – not all rooms can be fitted with a bay window, but if yours can, the choice is an excellent one for adding light and the illusion of space;
  • Play with mirrors – installing large mirrors opposite your windows, where they can reflect the light coming in through the windows is another great way to achieve the illusion of a larger space
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