Tips To See If Your Windows Are Energy Efficient

If it was not yesterday that the windows on your home were installed and you would like to know whether they provide optimal energy-efficiency, here are a few tips about how to find out:

  • Visual inspection – energy-efficiency comes not only from the properties of the panes and the frame – you also need the frame to fit perfectly into the hole on the wall, without gaps and cracks. Any holes or cracks around your windows, any unwanted air movement inside your rooms and draughtiness are signs of compromised energy-efficiency, but fortunately they are easy to fix with some caulk;
  • The glazing – if you still have single-glazing windows on your home, chances are that your windows let a lot of the heat inside escape through the panes and it is probably time to replace them;
  • Measuring the temperature – pick a very hot or a very cold day and measure the temperature in the middle of the window pane and then compare it to the temperature measured at the sides. If the difference is very big, your window is not sealing properly;
  • An energy audit – there are many companies including DMD Builders that provide complex evaluations of the energy efficiency of buildings. The audit is performed with special thermal imaging cameras that will detect any point through which heat can escape from inside the home.
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