Wood Window Replacement Tips

Wood remains a material that exhales beauty and naturalness. However, it is equally true that it needs periodic maintenance and even attention from a Denver window replacement specialist, especially if it is exposed to the exterior, as in the case of wooden windows.

What is wooden windows maintenance?

In autumn, window frames must be washed with water and detergent and cleaned from the accumulated dirt throughout the year. When they are dry, you must apply a primer or special oil, across the exposed exterior surface of the wood. Application is very simple, using a brush or a piece of cloth soaked in oil. Alternatively, wooden windows can be repainted and, in this case, the paint layer will provide the necessary protection.

This regular maintenance ensures that snow, rain and sun will not degrade the wood, making it unstable and less efficient.

Sometimes, even if you ensured maintenance to all of your wooden windows, cracks appear faster on the windows on one side of the house than on the other. This is not because they were treated differently, but because they are exposed differently to the elements. Some of them must withstand direct sun exposure longer than others, some are protected by the eves better than the others etc. Weather aggressions affect some window faster.

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