window shutters instead of replacement window

In the summer season, window protective systems such as blinds and shutters are needed not only to shield against solar radiation, but also to provide protection in the event of storms and keep you from contacting the replacement window Denver technicians for repair or replacement.

Strong winds can lift objects into the air or move the trees branches – and they may end up being projected into the windows, breaking them. If the windows are covered with shutters, this danger is eliminated. Exterior blinds and shutters also have the role of protecting the windows from hail and heavy rains, being made of resistant materials, such as wood or pvc.

The installation of window shutters does not require much effort, and they can be operated both manually and electrically via a remote control.

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may want to consider some other options as well, to storm-proof your windows, as exterior shutters may be insufficient. So, you can opt for storm shutters, which are plastic or aluminum panels designed to be used temporarily, until the storm is over. Also, you can increase the insulation and security of your windows by covering them with a special film. These products are not 100% storm proof, but they provide decent protection from cracks caused by impact with small objects. But if you want to prevent a large tree branch from crashing through your window, you should better opt for plywood boarding.

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