Window And Door Decorating Tips

When you decorate your home, on the exterior or on the interior, the windows are exposed to accidents that may result in scratches, had-to-remove stains and even cracks. That`s why one of your main concerns should be protecting your windows from getting damage in some way or another.

Window damage during home decoration may happen for different reasons:

If you decorate the exterior of the house and use stucco, you should know that this material contains chemicals that leave permanent marks into the glass, unless you cover the windows or remove the stucco from them before it dries.

If you use paint for interior or exterior decorations, it will be very difficult to remove it from the glass, especially once it dries. You will need special solvents and a lot of patience. Many people attempt to remove the dried paint from their windows with scrapers, but they end up scratching the glass.

If you use those self-adhesive films in your attempt to protect the windows, do not leave them on the frames for too long, because they will damage the coloring of darker frames, not to mention that excessive exposure to direct sunlight may “bake” the adhesive into the framing and you will have lots of trouble removing it.

What can you do about it?

Cover the windows properly, using large plastic sheets to protect not just the glass, but also the frames. Seal them with tape, until the home decorating process is over.  If you are in need of a really good window replacement company, look to the experts at DMD Window & Door.

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