DMD Window 3 Pane Window

We all know that insulating the house is a laborious process and the work can take several days, depending on what and how much you want to insulate. However, there are also simpler ways to prevent the cold from reaching your indoor living space, during a winter storm. Insulating your windows and doors from the inside will not only maintain your comfort but will also reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption.

  1. Apply sealing strips to doors and windows

Window and door strips are made of rubber and can be easily applied. They will air tight the space around windows and doors and prevent air currents from entering the house. Sealing strips are available in different thicknesses.

  1. Doorsteps, a useful solution

Doorsteps can be used for various types of floors: tiles, carpet or parquet. By installing them, you obstruct air pathways under the doors and reduce heat loss.

  1. Cover holes and cracks between windows and walls

In winter, cold air currents enter through the cracks between windows and walls, especially during winter storms, when the air circulation is significant. With the help of polyurethane foam or acrylic silicone, you can fill all these areas quickly and efficiently.  Local providers such as DMD Window & Door are a great source for quality high-end windows.

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