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Keeping your glass doors clean can be a real challenge. But by using the right methods and materials, it all becomes quite easy. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The main issue is the streaks that sometimes remain after washing your glass doors. In order to prevent this, there are several things to remember. First of all, despite the common belief that it is best to do the washing on sunny days, in fact, you should do the exact opposite. Apparently, if you clean your home’s glass doors when the sun is shining, the cleaning solution may dry up too fast, not allowing the substance to do the complete work and therefore, causing streaks and spots. It is more recommended to do the cleaning on cloudy days.

At the same time, using a squeegee can make all the difference in the world. In case you are using a cloth to wipe the solution, sometimes the first wipe is not enough, causing you to wipe a second time, and thus you create streaks. But with a squeegee, you can wipe the solution with just one move. Cotton swabs are also a great idea for cleaning your glass doors’ corners.  For more tips from replacement windows Denver companies offer in your community.


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