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When building or renovating a home, it is normal to emphasize quality, so when you replace the windows, you should consider new windows made from durable, low maintenance and energy-efficient materials. Products chosen with a sense of responsibility offer you comfort, protect your home, help you to enjoy more natural light and ensure lower heating- cooling costs. It is therefore very important to choose the right materials for your replacement windows.

PVC joinery

PVC joinery helps to save energy and use it efficiently, reducing utility costs. These windows will also provide great sound insulation. PVC joinery has high durability, being created from materials resistant to discoloration, deformation, etc. In addition, it does not favor the appearance of condensation, being a perfect choice for apartments and houses.

In terms of cost, PVC joinery is much cheaper than other types of materials, and the range of colors you can choose from is varied.

Aluminum joinery

Aluminum joinery is very suitable for office buildings. It is resistant to shocks, environmental factors and also very easy to maintain.

Wooden carpentry

Wooden carpentry was and still is one of the most popular windows materials. The wood is a natural element that ensures great thermal insulation, very good energy efficiency as well as an unmatched aspect. In addition, due to its properties, the wood does not rust, corrode or deform, if it is properly maintained.

The disadvantages of this type of material are mainly related to costs and maintenance.  For more on window types and materials look at


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