Windows must be cleaned whenever this operation is needed; they can get dirty sooner or later, depending on the weather and the domestic activities.

A kitchen window should be wiped out weekly, as food preparation spreads fat drops that also reach the window. The bathroom window will be cleaned every two weeks, because a damp environment favors the apparition of unaesthetic traces on the windows.

If your house is located in a city or in an agglomerated industrial area, the windows will be cleaned every three months, if they don’t come clean due to dried in toxins, you may need to have replacement windows Denver dealers offer installed. In a cleaner and more airy place, a cleaning every six months will do.

As for cleaning windows frames, those made of PVC are very weatherproof and very easy to maintain. To clean their smooth, pore-free and hygienic surfaces, you only need a mild detergent solution that will quickly wipe out traces caused by dust and rain. Do not use abrasive agents or chemicals such as nitriles, or gasoline.

Wooden windows frames require more attention; they need not only regular cleaning, but also painting and varnishing, to keep moisture away.

With regard to window seals, their ability to operate can be prolonged by the regular use of special silicone oil.

Metallic accessories do not require to be cleaned, but only greased occasionally, with few drops of oil or acid-free vaseline.

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