The windows on your home are not only design components – they are also important for the comfort, the thermal balance and the safety of your home. Modern window technology is in continuous development, coming up with new, safer, more efficient window replacement Denver solutions all the time. Many insurance companies have also recognized the importance of modern building solutions and are now offering discounted rates for certain types of window upgrades – here are some:

  • Impact resistant windows – these upgrades are considered to be among the top risk mitigation solutions and they can get you quite significant insurance premium discount in areas that are prone to tornados and hurricanes. Most insurers offer discounts only if all the windows are replaced with impact resistant products, so it is recommended to make an inquiry with your insurer before you make the final decision;
  • Energy-efficient windows – many insurance companies offer insurance premium discounts to homeowners who replace their old windows with new thermal windows as well.

To be eligible for the discounts, you need to prove that your new windows meet certain quality requirements, so before you purchase your new window, find out exactly what the requirements imposed by your specific insurer are and figure out the best product to work with based on those requirements.

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