Leaky Window Replacement Necessary

Leaky windows are more than a nuisance. Draughts can give you a headache if you are more sensitive. A window that is not perfectly tight can also invite mold and fungi into your home. But, most critically, it can raise your utility bills, especially during the winter, and should be made priority to contact a window replacement Denver representative as soon as possible.


Here is why you should not neglect your leaky windows and fix them immediately:


  1. Heating Costs Grow Up

The main issue with a leaky window is not that it lets cold air inside, but allows warm air to escape outside. Thus, a lot of your heating efforts are literally lost in the thin air. And if your heating system is set to maintain a certain temperature, it will work nonstop because heat continues to leak outside.


  1. Your Electricity Bill Goes Up During the Summer

Those hot summer afternoon are more bearable when you turn on the air conditioning, aren’t they? But when the electricity bill arrives, you start to shiver. Why is it so much? Most probably because the leaky window let the cool air go outside and the AC unit kept working to maintain the temperature you set.


  1. General Maintenance Costs Are Inflated by Leaky Windows

If you live in a HOA managed apartment, you get mandatory periodical inspections and a list of repairs you must perform. Walls with signs of water infiltration or mold, for instance, are on the list of these repairs. Once you fix the leaky windows, you will not see these problems occurring again.

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