French Doors Let The Light Shine In

French doors have recently become the standard for new homes in hot, moderate and cold climate zones as well and their popularity keeps increasing all the time. These elegant and efficient doors that come with large glass panes extending over much of the frame originate from 17th century France and they have quickly spread throughout Europe, then in the United States as well. They have evolved a lot since they first reached the New World, so here are a few features that make them the preferred choice for so many homes and office buildings:

  • The illusion of wide open spaces – a French door can make any room look and feel much larger and airier;
  • Light penetration – the large glass panes of French doors allow the maximum amount of light to reach into the room, therefore a room fitted with a French door is much brighter than one with other types of doors, and repairing broken glass with a replacement window Denver contractors say is easy;
  • Energy efficiency – though the large glass surfaces of French doors seem to be inefficient when it comes to heat insulation, modern panes are made from special glass coated with various substances to keep the temperature inside stable even when the temperatures outside reach extremely high or extremely low levels.
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