Know How To Install Replacement Windows

Step 0 – Remove the old windows and their frames in the wall.

Step 1. Prepare the sides of the wall – you have to make sure that the sides of the space where you will install the replacement windows are not broken or uneven and are cut at a right angle.

Step 2. Mount the frame – before installing the frame, you must ensure that the profiles are provided with ventilation and drainage holes. Position the frame inside the space in the wall, with the help of the mounting pins and check if it is correctly positioned using a level tool. The frame must then be fixed to the wall with dowels, in the holes you have previously made for this particular reason.

Step 3. Seal the joints – use a polyurethane foam tube to fill the gaps between the frame and the wall. Only after the foam will dry out completely, you can remove the excess.

Step 4. Mount mobile frames – mobile frames are provided with hinges to mount them on the fixed frame profile.

Step 5. Mount the external jamb – it is designed to prevent the water from entering the window.

Step 6. Install the interior jamb – after removing the excess foam, apply a layer of silicone adhesive to the jamb and secure it well under the window frame.

Step 7. Install the thermal insulating glass and the accessories to fix and seal it.  Hiring a skilled replacement window Denver company will save you aggravation when deciding to install new windows in your home.


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