A home renovation project is complicated, time-consuming and requires many resources. People with some renovation experience may opt to be their own general contractors, but all the others prefer to find a good specialist able deal with each smaller job, from knocking down walls to installing new electric or HVAC systems and redecorating the house.

A general contractor will have access to your home and is expected to do its job professionally, from start to finish, according to your indications and budget. Obviously, you need someone you can fully trust, because there are too many stories about terrible contractors who turned to be totally unprofessional or even frauds.

Questions to ask when you hire a general contractor to renovate your home in Denver

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured? Does it have the proper credentials? (Check for proof of their qualification and experience, as well as for workers’ compensation and general liability).
  • Does the contractor have a permanent place of business in Denver? (It is unlikely that local contractors, permanently established, disappear overnight, living you with only half of the job done). You may need replacement windows Denver area, so you want to make sure the contractor has his business established within the city of Denver.

  • Is the contractor ready to offer you a written estimate? (Make sure that every promise is written; you do not have to take anything for granted).

Always do your research and hire after taking into account various criteria, not just the price.

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