Letting The Natural Light In

The term daylighting is used in architecture to refer to the various ways and methods to harness natural light in new or reconstructed buildings with the help of modern windows. The methods use lots of advanced technical solutions that capture visual light – here are some:

  • Using windows with special glazing – the glazing applied on window panes has an influence on the range of the light spectrum that penetrates the building. The special glazing solutions used on many modern windows can react to the intensity of the ambient light, being colorless when the sun is high and becoming darker as the sun lowers;
  • Window location – if the primary purpose of a window is to let through as much light as possible, it needs to be placed higher up, usually at or over 7 feet high from the floor, an aspect that opens up lots of possibilities for architects to use windows of unusual shapes and sizes that are also installed in unusual locations, hire a Denver window replacement contractor if you need to install a new window;
  • Light pipes – these modern inventions practically consist of metal pipes and diffusers installed on the domed glass ceiling that collects the light coming through the glass, then it magnifies the light by transmitting it to the diffuser.
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